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Love shoes? Need an excuse to buy a new pair?

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

I have to admit, that working for myself, and by myself, my wardrobe doesn’t get much of a workout these days.  I have gone from my previous life of getting dressed up to go into work, to one of wearing jeans and t-shirts or jumpers, and more to the point, flats and boots!  So sadly my beautiful shoes feel rather neglected and sit in their boxes gathering dust.  When I walk into my wardrobe I can almost hear them crying out:  ”put me on … wear me!” … but unfortunately a gorgeous pair of heels just doesn’t work with my dress-down attire!

However I would never let that fact get in the way of buying a new pair of shoes!  And this design is perfect for those who feel the same way I do … Life is short – buy the damn shoes!  And what better format than a shopping list to show it to you  :-)  

(By the way – you can get the design without the shoe quote – just let me know via the comments page).

    Calling all shoe lovers!

    Thursday, October 21st, 2010

    If you’re into shoes then you’re going to love our new illustrations by Wm. Kylie Davis.  Kyle has recently come on board as one of Note Couture’s illustrators – he is based in St Louis, Missouri and is unbelievably talented.  I’ve added three of his illustrations to the website today (with more to come) - two beautiful shoes  (Fantasy Shoe – Cindarella, and Fantasy Shoe – Pheonix) and Christmas Wreaths.  And the added bonus is, if you fall in love with them as I have, you can buy a mounted (unframed), signed print through his etsy store.  Now that’s what I call a fabulous prezzie!





      Love love love shoes!!

      Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

      Finally got to see Sex and the City on the weekend – yes,  I know it’s been out for ages, but my gorgeous girlfriend had been given tickets to Gold Class (who can’t go past drinking champers while watching SATC!) so it took a wee while to get that organised – anyway – it inspired some new shoe illustrations and I’ve just popped them on the website  this morning - these are the first two of four new pics.  Sneak peak:

      Shoe love is true loveI only work to support my shoe addiction









      Never a truer word spoken in jest!  (And how cute is Aiden!!)