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A house without books, is like a room without windows.

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

I absolutely adore books and couldn’t exist without the escape of reading.  On an average week, I consume 3-4 books – easy!   I can’t wait to get my new Apple ipad so that when I travel I can simply upload new books rather than packing huge (ie: heavy) quantities of paperbacks …  forget about taking clothes – I holiday with books!!  

This high ‘consumption’ is enabled by the fact that sleeping and I aren’t good friends!!  However I also tend to read in the evening instead of watching television as, for me, books are generally more engaging than the majority of the programmes on TV these days. 

This habit started early as I was bought up in a home which didn’t have a television for many years - no – I’m not THAT old!! :-)   Our weekly ‘big night out’ was when we’d all pile in the car and go to the library.  So my reading habits are very much like my good eating habits – totally ingrained, and though I may have had the occasional whinge about no tv as a kid, I am forever  grateful to my parents who taught me to be a ‘bookworm’.

Thus I have already printed out a large quantity of  book labels featuring my new illustration - Sitting pretty with a good book - by the fabulous Kathryn Fletcher – because I love to lend ’good reads’ to my friends - almost as much as I love to read them – but I also love to get them back!   

'Sitting Pretty with a good book' Large Book Label

'Sitting Pretty with a good book' Large Book Label

(Note, as this illustration is tall and narrow – it works best in the large or circular book labels formats – as opposed to the standard labels).

And this pic come in the  Bookmark format too – so no more ‘dog ears’ for your books!

'Sitting pretty with a good book' - Book Mark

'Sitting pretty with a good book' - Book Mark

    Give your kids good habits to last them a lifetime.

    Monday, May 23rd, 2011

    Your child has just had a fabulous birthday party and they received lots of fun gifts – sending a thank you note is very important, so make it easy for them with our Fill In Thank You Flat Cards (with envelopes).


     And what fun with this cute new illustration – Robotmania:-)

    PS:  Check out my new Blog masthead – speaking of cute!  This gorgeous new illustration was done by the talented Shell Sherree – I’d love to hear what you think.