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For the dog lovers …

Friday, September 20th, 2013

I recently organised some  custom stationery for a friend of  mine who breeds Schnauzers.  Naturally she is absolutely besotted with her dogs, and I agree - they are gorgeous animals - not just in the way they look but also their beautiful nature, however I will add that they are completely loopy until they ‘grow up’!   This is the illustration I used for her as I felt it reflected their cheeky look, energy and over-the-top friendliness. 


Well it’s been so well received, she’s asked me to add it to the website as lots of her fellow Schnauzer-lovers want in on it.  So if you’re a Schnauzer owner (or know of one), you may like to check it ‘Cuti-ful Schnauzer’.

    Please shut the door!

    Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

    I thought I’d throw this question out here because it really bugs me … would you or would you not enter a store because their front door was closed? 

    It’s something I’ve been asking everyone lately and most people say – “Of course I would go in”.   But when I ask the people who work in, or run the stores, their answer is – “If the front door was closed, no one would come in – they’d think we were shut”.

    My opinion is that any store owner with a lick of commonsense would put a big sign on the door saying “Come in it’s warm (or cool) inside” and (I imagine) customers would think as I do when I see these signs … “Fantastic – finally a business which isn’t wasting electricity on heating or cooling which is flowing straight out the door!”  And my second thought would be …   ”Maybe they’re  going to pass some of these savings onto me! ”  (OK - I doubt it too - but I certainly gave myself a good laugh writing it!!)  :-)

    Considering the environmental debate going on at the moment, I would have thought it a no-brainer that shop owners would consider the environment – with the bonus being dollars off their electricity bill.

    I’d really love to hear your your thoughts. 

    And as it just doesn’t seem right to have a blog post without a gorgeous picture, I’ve just uploaded another of Shell Sherree’s gorgeous illustrations – May I woo you - perfect for all the best-mannered puppies.


      Working hard on the website

      Monday, June 21st, 2010

      I’ve been madly making changes on the website.  We received some fantastic feedback from the survey we did in May – but the one thing that really stood out is that as much as everyone loves the huge selection of illustrations, they were a little frustrated when it came to quickly choosing a gift.  For some reason, people weren’t aware of how to use the search facility - it can be accessed by clicking on the “Search” tab which is located at the top of the page, and  now we’ve added it to every page of every collection. 

      Once you’re on the Search page there are two ways of searching – if you’re looking for a format which isn’t available against many illustrations (eg:  book labels, or calling cards), then simply tick the box alongside the appropriate format in the list on the right hand side of the  page, then click the search button, and hey presto!  Alternatively, you can search by word – type the word – eg:  shoes, into the ‘Image Search’ box and click on the search button and any illustration which has a shoe in it, will appear.  (Please note it can only search one word at a time.)

      Another way we’ve tried to make it a little easier for you is by adding a list of Sub-Collections in the Womens Collection , so you can look at illustrations by type – animals/insects, clothes/shopping, flowers, name/address  (ie:  elegant name or name and address only options),  food and drink, quotations, sports/exercise, teachers and all others.  Just bear in mind, there may be other illustrations in other collections that relate to these sub-categories, but these sub-collections only encompass illusrations in the Womens Collection. 

      I would love to hear your feedback as to whether these changes have made choosing a gift a little bit quicker.

      So what else is new … a few weeks ago I put out a brief to one of our very talented artists – Matt Strempel - for a range of ‘real life’ dog illustrations, so they’ve been gradually coming through over the past week.  These gorgeous pics will be live on the website July 1st so keep an eye out for them  … Women’s Collection, Animals Sub-Collection  :-)   So far we’ve got a Schnauzer, Poodle, Labrador (Golden, Black and Brown), Golden Retriever (my favourite), Staffordshire Bull Terrior, Maltese Terrier and Daschund (light and dark).  There are more coming in the range over the next month or two.  If you have a must-have breed you would like to see on the website, send me an email ( and let me know and I can add it to the list.

      Here’s a sneak peek at the Golden Retriever:

      Golden Retriever by Matt Strempel

      Golden Retriever by Matt Strempel

      It’s a lovely sunny winter’s day here in Melbourne.  Despatch is done for the day and I’m tempted to ‘play hookie’ and take the rest of the afternoon off and go for a walk along the beach – hmmmm – I’ll let you know if good-Julie or bad-Julie won out next time I write!