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Calling all shoe lovers!

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

If you’re into shoes then you’re going to love our new illustrations by Wm. Kylie Davis.  Kyle has recently come on board as one of Note Couture’s illustrators – he is based in St Louis, Missouri and is unbelievably talented.  I’ve added three of his illustrations to the website today (with more to come) - two beautiful shoes  (Fantasy Shoe – Cindarella, and Fantasy Shoe – Pheonix) and Christmas Wreaths.  And the added bonus is, if you fall in love with them as I have, you can buy a mounted (unframed), signed print through his etsy store.  Now that’s what I call a fabulous prezzie!





    Holiday Card Etiquette

    Tuesday, September 21st, 2010



    Pussycat Christmas - 10% from every order donated to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital

    Pussycat Christmas - 10% from every order donated to the Lort Smith Animal Hospital




    Holiday Card List

    First things first, who should you send cards to? I’m a bit biased, so my first answer is as many people as possible! There is however, some truth to that. Traditionally, holiday cards are a way of re-connecting with people you do not necessarily see or speak to very often. In today’s digital age, that could amount to a fairly large number. To decide how many cards you need to order, start with last year’s list and your current address book. Remove old business acquaintances and loved ones who have passed away. Add any new family members, friends or colleagues. This will give you a preliminary count. It’s always sensible to order a few extras – in case you make new friends or realise that you forgot to put Auntie Ethel on your original list!

    If you have a limited budget for gifts this year, holiday cards are a great way to show people you care without purchasing a gift. If you’ve always purchased gifts for a favorite relative or friend in the past but can’t afford to do so this year, don’t be afraid to send a holiday card to let them know that even though your budget doesn’t allow for a gift this year, you still send your love.

    Card Signing 

    Every year without fail, someone asks if it’s possible to get their signature pre-printed on the inside of their greeting cards.  I do them a favour and say no! How disappointed would you be to receive a card with a printed signature? It would have about the same value as an unsigned card from your local real estate agency. I can print whatever message you would like inside your cards, but signing them and adding your own personal note is what will make receiving your card special to your friends, family and business associates or colleagues. You don’t have to write a comprehensive message to each card recipient, but a hand-written note and/or signature makes the card so much more personal. Writing in each holiday greeting card may seem daunting, but if you write a few cards a day through October and November, the task becomes a lot more manageable.

    When signing a Christmas card from more than one person, the person who physically signs the card should write his or her name at the end of the list. When signing multiple family members, traditionally you would start with the father’s name, then the mother’s and finally the children, from oldest to youngest. Another option is to simply write something like “John, Mary and family.”



    Mailing Christmas Cards

    As soon as you finish addressing your last holiday card envelope, you should mail them immediately, assuming of course, that you haven’t made an early start in say, July! My advice is to order your cards no later than the end of September and have them signed, addressed and sealed as early as possible. Mail your finished batch of holiday cards all at the same time – lest someone sees a card you’ve sent someone else and thinks you’ve forgotten them! A good rule of thumb is to mail your cards (within Australia) between the end of November and the week before Christmas. That way, they’ll arrive before the holidays and you’ll reduce the risk of any getting lost in the postal chaos of the days leading up to Christmas Day.

    Be aware that Christmas is not the only Holiday

    Though most people celebrate Christmas and Christmas-time, for religious reasons or otherwise, it is important to realise that there are other holidays that your friends, family members and colleagues might celebrate in conjunction with or instead of Christmas. If you’re unsure or just wish to play it safe, you can always make the message on your cards holiday-neutral or buy a smaller quantity of neutral personalised holiday cards to send to those you are unsure about. Holiday-neutral greeting cards include those printed with “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Happy New Year.” 

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