Yes, no or maybe?

We’ve been having a bit of a think tank and trying to come up with some fresh formats and would love your opinion on them before we make the decision whether to add them to the list of products offered on Note Couture … or not.

The first are Slim Wrap Labels – as you’ll see in the photos below, these labels wrap around the envelope – with 1/4 of the label sitting on the front of the envelope (showing the senders’ name and address);  the other 3/4 of the label sits on the rear of the envelope bearing an illustration or message.  Size of the label is 210mm wide by 21mm deep. 


CAC Slimwrap label slimwrap - you're invited slimwrap label - bombshell 

slimwrap - kiss kiss 


Another idea we’re thinking about offering is printing of recipients name and address on the front of envelopes – which would be fabulous if you’re sending out a big bunch of invites or christmas cards.  I’m not quite sure how this could work online, but I’m guessing you would ‘purchase’ printing on a quantity of envelopes (12, 25, 50, 100) then email your address list directly to us (rather then upload it to the website).  At this stage we’re just keen to get your feedback on whether you would utilise the service – we’ll look into the mechanics if we decide to proceed with the concept.

baby toys invite v2 cherry blossom v2 sm


And lastly, we’re asking if you’d like to see the return of the service whereby you can have your name and address printed on the rear of your envelopes.  Note Couture used to offer this a few years ago, but the printer that I used for the task died, and I didn’t replaced it at the time.  I now have another than can handle this task, so let me know if you’d like to see this service reinstated.

add on envelope


I’d love to know what you think about any or all of these, so please post a comment here or on Facebook.  Thanks heaps  :-)

    7 Responses to “Yes, no or maybe?”

    1. Sarah says:

      Love ALL of them – the new labels are a great idea – haven’t seen anything like that before – well done. Especially love the idea of someone else writing up the envelopes for my Chrissie cards – I’m a yes for this one too x

    2. Liz says:

      Yes please bring back the ability to get my name and address printed on my envelopes – it makes my stylish Note Couture stationery look even more wonderful and professional.

    3. Jenny says:

      I really like the new slim wrap labels. Any idea yet of what the cost may be? If you do decide to add them to the range, when will they be available? Thanks

      • Julie says:

        NOt 100% sure of the cost yet Jenny. If we do add them to the range, we’re probably looking 4-6 weeks down the track. Julie

    4. Eliza says:

      How fiddly are the slim wrap labels to apply?

      • Julie says:

        Hi Eliza – yes, they do take a couple of seconds longer than the traditional rectangular or circular label to attach to the envelope, but they’re not particularly tricky to apply :-)

    5. Karen says:

      Love the wraparounds! What a great idea!!

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