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Act like a superstar!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

Love her or hate her, you have to admire Kylie Minogue - she’s grown from soapie actress to superstar in 20 years and she isn’t going anywhere baby!  And to top it all – this is one woman who knows how to make a good impression …

Kylie Minogue

As much as we’d all like to be a superstar like Kylie, it doesn’t always happen, but as you can see by this article which was in August Elle magazine, good manners always win out (and all the ‘best’ people have their own personalised stationery).

    It’s amazing what a simple brief and a bit of creativity will come up with!

    Friday, May 9th, 2014

    For the past four to five years I have been supplying stationery for my gorgeous customer Leonie who is a funeral celebrant.  In dealing with her via emails and over the phone, she always comes across as a lovely, genuine, caring person, and as anyone who has been involved in organising or attending the funeral of someone you love will know, the celebrant makes a huge difference as to how the day unfolds, and very often, they are the person who makes an extremely difficult day that little bit easier by their caring and assistance.

    Well I was excited to receive an email from Leonie a couple of weeks ago, advising that she was taking on an additional role as a wedding celebrant and would like a new business card.  The brief was pretty simple – “a rose or roses, in pink or red, use a couple of typefaces, maybe a bit of colour”.  So off I went … looking for the perfect rose.

     l. adams CC

    I chose 12 images to send to Leonie to view, but one stood out.   I made the suggestion that we make her calling card a non- typical shape – a good way for it stand out amongst the crowd, and the rose arbour image worked perfectly for a square card.  So we played around with typefaces and colour of typefaces, and this is what we ended up with.  I should probably have photographed the calling cards before I put them in the cello bag, as it’s caused a little colour flare, but you can see the end result.  Customer happy – tick. 

    So if you’re based in Melbourne and looking for a funeral celebrant, or a wedding celebrant – Leonie Adams comes highly recommended.  :-)

    (BTW – if you’re after this type of personalised design work get in touch with me, as it can’t be organised via the website – a brief needs to be provided and pricing discussed.)

      The good news and the bad news …

      Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

      Early last year a friend of mine from my old advertising days won a mammoth piece of business.  What was also exciting is that he and his business partner approached me and asked if I would co-ordinate it.  I accepted the position as not only was it an exciting role with fresh challenges, but special in so far as I could  work remotely from my own office (yay no peak traffic commute!) as 99% of my role is via email and the phone – I  liaise between all relevant parties around Australia to ensure that everything gets done and runs smoothly (and fix any problems that raise their ugly heads). 

      I’m loving it, BUT, the hours have grown more substantial as time has passed – and therein lies my problem - Note Couture also takes up a lot of hours - the time to create, update the website, print, produce, pack, keep up the social media etc.  All the work that needs to be done is now grabbed here and there where I can find it, which means it also pretty much chews up my weekends and spits them out empty.  I need to get a life -I’m a bit burned out and calculate I’ve had around 4 days off since last May!   Which is where the bad news comes in …I’m going to close down Note Couture. 


      The good news is that it will remain in operation for 3 more months until June 30th.  So now is the time to stock up on your own personal stationery, you could even get organised early (Hmmm- really early!)  for some Christmas and teacher gifts.  And there will be some very nice monthly specials during the count down to June 30th, and April’s is a doozy.

      April’s special deal … For the first two weeks of April, if your order comes to $150 or more, you will receive a stunning A4 Spiral Bound Notebook (with lines or without lines) valued at $36 (with lines).  So if your order totals $150 or more, simply let me know which illustration you would like, the name or message you would like printed on it, and if you would like lines printed or not.  Easy!  You can do this either via the ‘Comments/Additional Info’ box on the checkout page, or send me an email (   (Note:  This offer is valid until midnight Tuesday April 15th 2014, and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offers).


      Note – image shows A4 and Standard (A5) spiral bound noteboks. A4 SBN is only available with a white semi-transparent cover.

      By the way – the business is available for sale – so if you, or anyone you know is interested, please get in touch with me.

        If it’s good enough for Mrs Carter …

        Monday, March 31st, 2014

        I was reading this months’ (fabulous) Elle Australia mag and whilst perusing an interview with shoe maker Stuart Weitzman, noticed a comment he made about Beyonce (aka Mrs Carter) which was  … “She always writes me a thank you note when I make her shoes.”


        Custom Correspondence Card (deluxe of course) using one star from the “You’re a star” illustration, and the elegant Cantoni typeface. Perfect for Mrs Carter.

        As my gorgeous Gran would say … “good manners cost nothing”. 

        So next time someone does something nice for you – be it a delicious meal at their place, lending you a book, buying you a coffee, or simply being there to listen – take the time to drop them a thank you note.  You know how lovely it is to receive a hand-addressed envelope in your mail that isn’t a bill.  So pass that feeling on – not only will the recipient get excited to see the envelope, they’ll also feel pretty darned special because you took the time to write a note and mail it to them.

        Enjoy your day … and thank you.

          In need of a gift suggestion for Tom, Dick and Harriet?

          Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

          Looking for a little inspiration for gifts for friends and family this christmas … then read on for a few gift and design suggestions:


          For an elegant Mum some correspondence cards from the Name & Address collection – perfect to drop a quick note or say thank you.

          Elegant Name Ten - deluxe correspondence cards $58) - 20 heavy weight cards with beautiful white tissue lined envelopes.  Deluxe Box Holder $20

          Elegant Name Ten – deluxe correspondence cards $58) – 20 heavy weight cards with beautiful white tissue lined envelopes. Deluxe Box Holder $20

          For a foodie Mum, a menu planner and matching shopping list, or some recipe cards.

          Shopping Lists - 50 pages $18.50

          Shopping Lists – 50 pages $18.50

          For the fitness Mum, the Note Couture Food & Exercise Planner is a great way to keep track of food consumption and exercise (particularly if they want to drop that  “final” 2 kilos!)

          Food & Exercise Diary contains 4 pages of diet and exercise information at the beginning, and allows you to keep track of your diet and exercise for 8 weeks, with a weekly summary page at the end of each week, and an 8 Week Progress Chart at the back so you can see how you went.  Size: 12cm x 21cm -  $40.

          Food & Exercise Diary contains 4 pages of diet and exercise information at the beginning, and allows you to keep track of your diet and exercise for 8 weeks, with a weekly summary page at the end of each week, and an 8 Week Progress Chart at the back so you can see how you went. Size: 12cm x 21cm – $40.

          Organised Mum would love a To Do List – and add a #1 item on the list to put a smile on her face each time she starts a new page  eg: ” Take 5 minutes for yourself” ,  ”Buy Tim Tams” or “Pour a glass of bubbles”  ;-)

          Cherry Blossom To Do List $17.50


          GSOH Dad would get a chuckle out of one of the Cheeky Stamp Note Sheets – definitely for the home office not the work desk!  Choose from “I haven’t got time to read this crap“, “Staple this to your face“, ‘The answer is NO“, “You are an idiot“, or “Complete and utter bullsh*t“.  Plus there’s a couple of “male sense of humour” illos – “My wife says I don’t listen to her … or something like that”, and “I think I have a beer injury” which will get a grin out of him!

          Cheeky Stamp - The answer is NO - Note Sheet $22 for box of 100 sheets

          Cheeky Stamp – The answer is NO – Note Sheet $22 for box of 100 sheets

          Does Chef Dad love a good BBQ? – then a mousemat notepad, box of note sheets or to do list using the ‘King of the Cue’ illustration could be just the thing.

          King of the Cue - Mousemat Notepad $37 for 50 pages, paddded at head of page.

          King of the Cue – Mousemat Notepad $37 for 50 pages, paddded at head of page.

          Or use the ’Dictionary‘ design to showcase all of Dad’s wonderful traits – make it funny, loving, naughty or serious.


          "Dictionary" Note Sheet $22

          “Dictionary” Note Sheet $22

          For Sporty Dad there’s a selection of footy, rugby, golf, cycling, basketball, soccer or gym inspired designs.

          Between the goalposts, Extreme Golf, and Cyclist Mini Notepads $9

          Between the goalposts, Extreme Golf, and Cyclist Mini Notepads $9


          Anything with their name on it will bring a smile to the face of the little ones - a Notepad to draw or write on, book labels to stick in their story books – so many delightful designs to choose from in the Children’s Collection – ballet dancers, rockets, all kinds of animals, castles, pirate ships, racing cards, robots and much more.

          Ballet Belles, Pirate Ship and Barking Dogs Book Labels $16.50 for 24 labels.

          Ballet Belles, Pirate Ship and Barking Dogs Book Labels $16.50 for 24 labels.

          For older kids a Spiral Bound Notebook to write down their thoughts (and hide them from you!), or Calling Cards featuring their facebook page, twitter handle, Instagram tag and mobile number .

          Oswalds Banner - Notepad $17.50, Note Sheeets $22, Mini Notepad $9, Notecard $3.50 or 12 for $37

          Oswalds Banner – Notepad $17.50, Note Sheeets $22, Mini Notepad $9, Notecard $3.50 or 12 for $37

          "Birds online" Calling Card - 50 cards $40


          The Personalised Characters range is always well received by Grandma and Grandad  (Nan and Pops, Gran and Pa, Oma and Opa)

          Characters Notepad and Note Sheets

          Characters Notepad $20.50 and Note Sheets $25


          Desk Calendars for the home office – add humour with the Gorgeous Ladies, or keep it pretty with Carrie or the Flowers calendars.

          Flowers Mini CD Desk Calendar $25

          Flowers Mini CD Desk Calendar $25

          Or a Stationery Set covers a lot of uses – a To Do List to keep organised, Notepad to write notes, and a Mini Notepad to keep by the phone or in Gran’s handbag. 

          Elegant Name 10 - Stationery Set (To Do List with magnet, Notepad and Mini Notepad) $40

          Elegant Name 10 – Stationery Set (To Do List with magnet, Notepad and Mini Notepad) $40

           Fashionista Girlfriends

          Anything from the gorgeous fashion inspired Angie Rehe Collection will always win hearts – featuring shoes, Paris, Lipstick, Perfume, Dior Ballgowns and more shoes !  The perfect accessory to go with their ultra-fashionable image.

          "Night Out' card from the Angie Rehe Collection - printed on bright white smooth card.  12 cards and envelopes in an elegant white box for $42 (or 25 for $67)

          “Night Out’ card from the Angie Rehe Collection – printed on bright white smooth card. 12 cards and envelopes in an elegant white box for $42 (or 25 for $67)

          Or select one of the plethora of shoe, shopping, or  handbag designs from the Clothes/Shopping Collection

          "Shoes are like dessert ... there's always room for more!"  Deluxe Correspondence Cards $58 and Note Sheets $22

          “Shoes are like dessert … there’s always room for more!” Deluxe Correspondence Cards $58 and Note Sheets $22

          Super Elegant Girlfriends

          Deluxe Correspondence cards from the Name and Address Collection will make a statement - request the beautiful black tissue lined white envelopes to go with black on white type cards - tres chic!

          Deluxe Correspondence Card in "Elegant Name & Address Corinthia" with black tissue lined white envelo[e $58 for 20 cards & envelopes packed in a white box.

          Deluxe Correspondence Card in “Elegant Name & Address Corinthia” with black tissue lined white envelo[e $58 for 20 cards & envelopes packed in a white box.


          I can officially confirm that teachers love stationery - so many of my customers are teachers and they buy it for themselves and their friends, and I can guarantee that a notepad, mousemat notepad, box of note sheets or a To Do list will be very well received by your child’s teacher.  Plus there’s my fantastic Teacher Collection with great teacher-inspired illustrations.

          Selection of Mini Notepads ($9) from the Teachers Collection

          Selection of Mini Notepads ($9) from the Teachers Collection

          Kris Kringle Gifts/Stocking Stuffers

          All of the notepads are a great and inexpensive Kris Kringle for your workmates – there will definitely be an illustration that works for everyone – be it sport, shopping, shoes, animals, humour, food, wine – I’ve got them all covered!  Fabulous too as a stocking stuffer, or a ‘spare’ last-minute gift to give when someone turns up unexpectedly.


          And to make life easy for you - there are two search options:

          Looking for a particular type of illustration (chocolate, wine, dogs, cats, shoes) then use the Image Search option (on the left side of the Search tab page) – type in what you’re looking for (the search word needs to be a minimum of 4 letters, so type in “dogs” not “dog”)

          Or if you’re after a format which isn’t available across all illustrations (for example: Calling Card, Food & Exercise Diary, Shopping List) then use the Format Search option (add a tick in the box against the format you’re interested in, then click the ‘Search’ button at the base of the list (which is in alphabetical order)

          Note that the vast majority of the illustrations (99.9%) come in the following formats – notepad, to do list, mini notepad, mousemat notepad, correspondence card, spiral bound notebook, note sheet, note card and mousemat notepad).

           So I hope I’ve given you a few ideas … and don’t forget, I’m only an email or phone call away if you need a hand.


            Tis the season to … say thank you

            Monday, November 18th, 2013

            We’re coming up to that time of year when Thank you notes are very useful – whether it’s a “thank you for the Christmas gift“, a “thanks for the drinks“, a “thank goodness you had Christmas lunch at your place this year” or a “thanks for having us to stay” … as my gorgeous Gran used to say “The words ’thank you’ never go astray.


            As those of you who follow my posts will know, I have a love affair with typefaces (hmmm, along with magazines, wine and chocolate – oh, and don’t forget cats and dogs).  Anyway – I recently purchased a beautiful new font for the website – Cantoni – and it’s perfect for thank you notes. 

            Plus I’ve added Cantoni to the ‘Name and Address” Collection – so now you can organise your own personalised stationery using it …  as well as to say “thank you”.


            And don’t think you have to stick with black type – it can be just about any colour you want – so have a look at the Colour Chart on the website, and simply drop me a note (via the Comments box on the checkout page) advising what colour you’d like your personalisation to be.  (If you’re uncertain how it may look – tick the ‘I want to see a proof’ box and I will send you one to have a look at before it goes to print. 


              Great new Shopping List

              Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

              I was bought up to believe that you needed to sit down and plan your weekly meals ahead of your shop, and as such, a shopping list was essential.  Things these days are a lot more relaxed, but I still keep a shopping list so that I can note down when I run out of something and ensure I replace it in the next weeks’ shop.  (My husband calls our pantry ”David Jones” as you’ll always guaranteed to find what you need in there.)  Hmmm – me – anally organised … well perhaps  ;-)



              So I’ve just added a great little shopping list – keeping it simple with room for your street address (or name of your house??).  A terrific gift too if you’re planning to stay with friends at their weekender over the festive season – eg:  “The cupboards at Sorrento need replenishing with:”   And lets face it – we eat and drink heaps during this period, so best be organised!

                Please help keep Note Couture off the endangered species list.

                Monday, July 29th, 2013

                For those who have been on the Note Couture journey with me, you will know how I lament that elegant penmanship and good old fashioned written communication seem to be in danger of extinction.

                It follows that supplying products to those who still love the written work might be on the way to qualifying for the endangered species list too – but I’d like to be around for a few more years, and I hope you’d like me to be here too.


                Feedback from you (my customers)  tells me that when you send cards, letters or personalised gifts from the Note Couture range, your recipients love the products.  You can help Note Couture’s survival by spreading the word.  Don’t forget to mention us when people notice your Note Couture items and perhaps even suggest they sign up for my monthly newsletter (new subscribers to the newsletter receive a 10% discount code when they sign up).  If you have a Facebook page I’d really appreciate if you could also give Note Couture a mention there too.   (Plus I do regular specials for my Facebook likers.)  And if you have a business that would benefit from a mention on my Facebook page, please let me know and I’ll gladly return the favour.

                I know that we are currently hearing about economic and retail gloom, and that many small businesses run the risk of closing.  I’m working incredibly hard to make sure that I’m not one of them!  But I can’t lie – business is quiet and I’m sure that personalised stationery is not at the top of the shopping list when it comes to stretching the household budget, particularly with the ongoing increases in electricity, food and petrol prices. 

                So please take the time to think about how a handwritten card or note makes someone feel, but also how you deserve to feel valued and special writing your notes on beautiful stationery.  Aren’t you worth spoiling every day?

                  Shock horror at the cost of a newsagent birthday card!

                  Tuesday, June 4th, 2013

                  I was out running some errands yesterday afternoon when I remembered that I hadn’t organised a birthday card for a  friend.  I realised that I would need to get it into the mailbox within the next 30 minutes if I wanted her to receive it for her big day today.  I didn’t have enough time to return to the office and make a card, so decided to go to the newsagents.

                  J'adore Paris Notecard

                  J'adore Paris Notecard

                  Shock horror – it’s about the cost of a birthday card these days!    $6.95!    You can probably tell that I haven’t purchased a card for over 7 years  :-)

                  I’m normally very organised when it comes to birthdays (some friends may call it ‘anal’).  At the start of each year, I sit down with my new diary and transfer all my friends birthdays and any important anniversaries over; then I make a note two business days prior to send off a card or note.  Hmmm – it normally ‘works a treat’, but things obviously went awry this time!

                  However if nothing else, it made me realise that the cost of my Note Couture cards is pretty darned reasonable – $3.50 for a single (personalised) card, $37 for 12 ($3.08 each) or $60 for 25 ($2.40 each).

                    Introducing the fabulous Ms Angie Rehe …

                    Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

                    I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the addition of  the stunning new Angie Rehe Collection at Note Couture. 

                    "Night Out" notecard

                    Earlier this year, I went to hear Angie speak at a Creative Womens Circle Workshop, and my mind started ticking over when she mentioned that she “had always wanted to have her own line of stationery”.  Long story short – I contacted Angie - we met and agreed to collaborate of a range of Note Couture stationery using a limited selection of her original fashion inspired illustrations.

                    "Paris Walk" Note Sheets

                    As a bit of background … after years working as a designer for well-known Australian fashion brands, Angie decided to turn to her real passion of fashion illustration. Her work is highly sought for books, magazine covers, newspaper advertisements, and fashion websites around the world.

                    "Lipstick" Mini Notepad

                    Angie’s illustrations for Nôte Couture feature beautiful fashion-inspired images:  Dior designer gowns, Louboutin Shoes and Boots, LBDs, chic girls walking the beautiful cities of Paris, Tokyo and Sydney, sexy Kitty Peep Toe Shoes, and elegant flasks of perfume and tubes of lipstick and lip gloss. 

                    "Louboutin" Calling Card

                    Organising your own personalised stationery using any of these designs is the perfect way to transform your look from high street to haute couture.

                    Angie Rehe

                    If you’d like to find out more about Angie then you can read her blog.  If these stunning illustrations inspire you, you can attend her boutique fashion illustrations classes at The Drawing Salon.  Or if you’re soon to be a bride, you can hire Angie, through her website Bridal Sketches, to produce a fashion illustration portrait/sketch of you in your wedding gown.