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Make Dad feel special this Father’s Day …

Monday, August 11th, 2014

Looking to bring a smile to Dad’s face on Father’s day?  What better than some fun stationery for his home or work office – something that will make him feel special like ‘Dictionary”. 


“Dictionary” notepad – 50 pages $17.50. (You can use 170 characters – approx 25 words – for your description).


You can choose to write the ‘descriptors’ from a child or a wife’s perspective - it will depend on your children’s age – are they littlies or teenagers – what are their common denominators – and what will make dad feel loved  every time he uses his paper.




Between the goalposts – Mousemat Notepad (note – not shown to size) $37.00 50 pages, with foam backing for grip.



“Bounce the ball” Note Sheets 100 pages $22, 150 pages $28 – comes packed in elegant white box.

Perhaps Dad’s more sports oriented – then choose a footy or rugby illustration – add his name and the rallying cry for his team … “Go the Bloods!” 

Or if he’s more ‘business-like dad’, choose one of our elegant name/address options and he’ll be happy as Larry – or should that be Lawrence  :-)



Last day/time we are accepting orders for pre-Father’s Day delivery is noon on Saturday August 30 (Melbourne time) for despatch Tuesday September 2nd.

    For the man in your life …

    Friday, August 3rd, 2012

    I don’t know about you, but I love a good BBQ.   We tend to use ours 4-5 times a week as it’s (a) quick, (b) adds that lovely charcoal flavour to any meat/chicken/fish cooked on it, and (c) leaves no cooking smells inside the house.  Win win!

    In fact, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my hubby has a real ‘thing’ for his BBQ!  It gets cleaned every weekend, and he always makes sure he has a reserve gas bottle (cause I’d probably give him a – good humoured – hard time if he ran out of gas). 

    So I love this new illustration - King of the ‘Cue.  It’s by Amber Rose – who is a terrific artist I found on etsy - you can see this illustration, and a few more (fabulous for Father’s Day cards) in her etsy store.  She lives an interesting life too – an American gal married to a Spanish fella living in Istanbul – you can’t beat that!  :-)

    King of the 'Cue - Mousemat Notepad with #1 item on list ($37 + $1)

    I have been lucky enough to purchase the use of this illustration for Note Couture, and it’s available in most formats (notepad, to do list, correspondence card, mini notepad and Note Sheet) plus of course, my favourite useful format at the moment - the mousemat notepad.

    Perfect for your very own King of the ‘Cue!

      The Dad in your life …

      Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

      With Father’s Day coming up soon (Sunday September 2nd) it’s time to start thinking about what to get for the special Dad in your life.  First thing to decide is what sort of Dad is he – Sporty Dad?  Chef Dad?  Handyman Dad? Conservative Dad?  Cheeky with good sense of humour Dad?  Animal Lover Dad?  Well I’ve pulled together some suggestions in the hope of providing a little inspiration and making life a bit easier for you.

      Sporty Dad?  Click on this link to view all male-sports designs:   I’ve got most of them covered - golf (lots of options for golfers), footy, rugby, soccer, fishing, gym, cricket, cycling, sailing and basketball.    When organising a To Do List – have fun with the #1 item option – it’s a line of information that’s printed on every page of the to do list – eg:  “Go the Swans!” for a Sydney Swans supporter;  “Get on the road” for a cyclist, ‘Cast off” for a sailor, “Let loose a lure” for a fisherman.

      ‘Born to golf’ Mousemat Notepad with #1 item on list ($37 + $1) (Image not shown to size)

      Handyman Dad?  Check out A few jobs to do - handy as a mousemat notepad he can keep by the computer to write notes or reminders on.    Or Please do list - keep a list of things that need to be done around the house on the fridge so everyone can contribute suggestions.

      “Please Do List” To Do List with #1 item on list ($18.50 + $1)

      Cheeky/Good Sense of Humour Dad?  There are some ‘Cheeky Stamps’ – I haven’t got time to read this cr*p, Complete and utter bullsh*tYou are an idiot! - fun as a box of note sheets – hmmm probably best for the home desk and not the office!!   Of course there’s lots of tongue-in-cheek designs – Yawning (Nature’s way of letting married men open their mouths!)   My wife says I never listen to her … or something like that. 

      “My wife says …” Note Sheet ($22 for 100, $28 for 150)

      Chef Dad?  How about a shopping list using Pots and Pans, or if Dad likes to share his BBQ marinade, a set of recipe cards.

      BBQ Time – Recipe cards (20 cards for $25)

      Conservative Dad?  Nothing better than some stationery using an elegant typeface .

      Elegant Initials and Address – Correspondence Card (box of 20 cards and envelopes – Standard $42,. Deluxe $58)

      Animal Lover Dad?  Does Dad love nothing better than a walk with the family pooch, or is he more a sit on the couch with the cat curled up in his lap?  Lots of cat and dog illustrations (not to mention wild animals, birds, fish and insects) to choose from which will bring a smile to his face.

      “If cats ruled the world” Mini Notepad $9

      “Barking Dogs” Mini Notepad $9


      Family Man Dad?  Then you can’t go past the Characters Collection - choose characters that represent all the members of your family (animals included) and personalise his very own family stationery.  Or read my previous blog on the new ‘From the Dad of …‘ stationery – perfect for dropping notes to the kids’ teachers or their friends’ parents.

      Characters Notepad $20.50

      Plus it’s now possible to add a #1 item to be printed on the top line of each page of your Mousemat Notepad – just think of all the ways you could have fun with that!

        From the Dad of … stationery now available

        Friday, July 27th, 2012

        One of my regular customers emailed me the other day to suggest a Dad version of my existing ‘From the Mum of …” stationery (thanks Sandra).  And as soon as I read her email I realised I had certainly been rather sexist in only doing a Mum-version.  These days, when Dads (generally) pull their weight around the home, it was remiss of me to think that only Mums would write notes to school teachers or parents of their children’s friends.

        From the Dad of (BBQ) Notepad

        So I have added two ‘From the Dad of …’  designs – one with an always-popular ‘Man with a BBQ‘ style picture (what Dad doesn’t love a good BBQ!), and the other in the garden with the whipper snipper  :-)    As per the From the Mum of items, there’s room for up to 6 children’s names, and contact details for Dad (name, mobile/home telephone, email or address).

        Available as a notepad, note sheets or correspondence cards – this could also be the perfect gift for Father’s Day – which is just around the corner.

          Does your Dad have more hankies than a department store?

          Monday, August 23rd, 2010

          In a lather because you can’t buy soap-on-a-rope anymore?  

          If you’re looking for something truly special to let Dad know how much he means to you, what could be more unique than his own personalised stationery? Nôte Couture offers a range of suitably off-the-cuff and humorous designs to make Dad smile – and best of all they all come with his name printed on them.  (And no socks or jocks in sight!)

          Last day I’m accepting orders for Pre-Fathers Day delivery is this Thursday – August 26th so hop online soon  :-)

           They-called-it-golf---To Do List