Hot reads for cold winter nights.

For me, there’s nothing better than sitting with my feet up, a cat on my lap, a good book in hand and a glass of wine on the side table when the temperature dips – as it tends to do in Melbourne during July.  (However as a book-aholic, this statement is true for any month of the year!)

So I thought I’d share with you a selection of the books I’ve most recently enjoyed.

Robert Galbraith

I can probably say that I was one of the few who had read, and took great pleasure in the first Cormorant Strike book - The Cuckoo’s Calling - by Robert Galbraith before it became known that Galbraith is a pseudonym of  the fabulous JK Rowling.  The second book in this series – The Silkworm - was released a couple of weeks ago, and is equally impressive.   Private Detective Cormorant Strike is called upon to find a missing novelist.  At first it’s thought that he’s just gone ‘off the radar’ for a few days, but as Strike and his trusty assistant Robin Ellacott investigate, we find out it’s much more than a disappearance!  Add some weird circumstances, a very interesting cast of characters and  a ruthless killer and it equals a really good story.  The Silkworm definitely goes to the top of my ‘can’t put it down’ list.

I love finding authors that I haven’t come across before, and Danielle Hawkins is my recent happy find - she’s a New Zealander  which makes her close to my heart,  and writes really good books, so definitely a ”win win”.  The only negative I can think of,  is that she’s only written two books as yet!  Danielle –  I want more!!  :-)  

chocolate cake

The first is Chocolate cake for breakfast and is the story of Helen McNeil – a vet in the small rural town of Broadview.  While using evasive tactics to escape from conversation with a boring girl at a party one Saturday night, she falls over (physically!)- and fails to recognise – one of New Zealand’s rugby sporting legends - Mark Tipene.   As often happens, Mark is quite impressed by the fact that she doesn’t know who he is, and the following day, he fronts at the vet clinic reception to ask her out.  Cue a series of very funny ‘dates’ and a whirwind romance is underway … until there’s a small hiccup!  A lovely, funny story of the pros and cons of dating a man whose bare chested image is posted on the walls of bedrooms and lunchrooms around the country. 

dinner at rosies

Danielle’s second book – Dinner at Rosie’s - is equally delightful.  Jo Donnelly (physiotherapist) has returned to her small rural home town from London after walking in on her boyfriend and best friend during a ‘romantic’ tryst.  The very funny cast includes her horrible new flatmate who hogs the TV and has made it her life task to prevent excessive electricity consumption;  the physio clinics’ inept receptionist who spends her work hours painting her fingernails and surfing the internet;   and her childhood best friend (and one-night-only lover) Matthew.  Life would be rather glum if it weren’t for Jo’s fabulous Aunty Rose who lives on her farm 20 minutes away with her four dogs, two sheep and a pet piglet.    When Aunty Rose gets ill, Jo moves in to assist and ends up seeing a lot more of the tempting Matt who regularly comes to to her aid to help out with farming dramas.  Then cupid decides to stick his arrow in and …


Continuing along the ‘light hearted’ road – always on the top of my must read list are the very funny Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovic and book number 21  was just released - Top Secret 21.  Like Stephanie I find it difficult to choose between delicious cop Joe Morelli, and seriously sexy but dangerous Ranger (ok – I lie - I’d go with Ranger!).   Stephanie gets into a bit more trouble that I do – working for Cousin Vinne’s bail bond office will do that – add in a few death threats, an old (odd) pseudo-friend, the sassy Lula,  Rex the hamster, hilarious Grandma Mazur and the rest of Stephanie’s family, and you  have another laugh-out-loud book.

Enjoy!  And remember, it’s illegal to dog-ear pages  ;-)   And if you’re a book lender, then you may be interested in Note Couture’s book labels – the best way to ensure your books return to your bookshelf.



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