Act like a superstar!

August 12th, 2014

Love her or hate her, you have to admire Kylie Minogue - she’s grown from soapie actress to superstar in 20 years and she isn’t going anywhere baby!  And to top it all – this is one woman who knows how to make a good impression …

Kylie Minogue

As much as we’d all like to be a superstar like Kylie, it doesn’t always happen, but as you can see by this article which was in August Elle magazine, good manners always win out (and all the ‘best’ people have their own personalised stationery).

    Make Dad feel special this Father’s Day …

    August 11th, 2014

    Looking to bring a smile to Dad’s face on Father’s day?  What better than some fun stationery for his home or work office – something that will make him feel special like ‘Dictionary”. 


    “Dictionary” notepad – 50 pages $17.50. (You can use 170 characters – approx 25 words – for your description).


    You can choose to write the ‘descriptors’ from a child or a wife’s perspective - it will depend on your children’s age – are they littlies or teenagers – what are their common denominators – and what will make dad feel loved  every time he uses his paper.




    Between the goalposts – Mousemat Notepad (note – not shown to size) $37.00 50 pages, with foam backing for grip.



    “Bounce the ball” Note Sheets 100 pages $22, 150 pages $28 – comes packed in elegant white box.

    Perhaps Dad’s more sports oriented – then choose a footy or rugby illustration – add his name and the rallying cry for his team … “Go the Bloods!” 

    Or if he’s more ‘business-like dad’, choose one of our elegant name/address options and he’ll be happy as Larry – or should that be Lawrence  :-)



    Last day/time we are accepting orders for pre-Father’s Day delivery is noon on Saturday August 30 (Melbourne time) for despatch Tuesday September 2nd.

      Yes, no or maybe?

      July 30th, 2014

      We’ve been having a bit of a think tank and trying to come up with some fresh formats and would love your opinion on them before we make the decision whether to add them to the list of products offered on Note Couture … or not.

      The first are Slim Wrap Labels – as you’ll see in the photos below, these labels wrap around the envelope – with 1/4 of the label sitting on the front of the envelope (showing the senders’ name and address);  the other 3/4 of the label sits on the rear of the envelope bearing an illustration or message.  Size of the label is 210mm wide by 21mm deep. 


      CAC Slimwrap label slimwrap - you're invited slimwrap label - bombshell 

      slimwrap - kiss kiss 


      Another idea we’re thinking about offering is printing of recipients name and address on the front of envelopes – which would be fabulous if you’re sending out a big bunch of invites or christmas cards.  I’m not quite sure how this could work online, but I’m guessing you would ‘purchase’ printing on a quantity of envelopes (12, 25, 50, 100) then email your address list directly to us (rather then upload it to the website).  At this stage we’re just keen to get your feedback on whether you would utilise the service – we’ll look into the mechanics if we decide to proceed with the concept.

      baby toys invite v2 cherry blossom v2 sm


      And lastly, we’re asking if you’d like to see the return of the service whereby you can have your name and address printed on the rear of your envelopes.  Note Couture used to offer this a few years ago, but the printer that I used for the task died, and I didn’t replaced it at the time.  I now have another than can handle this task, so let me know if you’d like to see this service reinstated.

      add on envelope


      I’d love to know what you think about any or all of these, so please post a comment here or on Facebook.  Thanks heaps  :-)

        Hot reads for cold winter nights.

        July 7th, 2014

        For me, there’s nothing better than sitting with my feet up, a cat on my lap, a good book in hand and a glass of wine on the side table when the temperature dips – as it tends to do in Melbourne during July.  (However as a book-aholic, this statement is true for any month of the year!)

        So I thought I’d share with you a selection of the books I’ve most recently enjoyed.

        Robert Galbraith

        I can probably say that I was one of the few who had read, and took great pleasure in the first Cormorant Strike book - The Cuckoo’s Calling - by Robert Galbraith before it became known that Galbraith is a pseudonym of  the fabulous JK Rowling.  The second book in this series – The Silkworm - was released a couple of weeks ago, and is equally impressive.   Private Detective Cormorant Strike is called upon to find a missing novelist.  At first it’s thought that he’s just gone ‘off the radar’ for a few days, but as Strike and his trusty assistant Robin Ellacott investigate, we find out it’s much more than a disappearance!  Add some weird circumstances, a very interesting cast of characters and  a ruthless killer and it equals a really good story.  The Silkworm definitely goes to the top of my ‘can’t put it down’ list.

        I love finding authors that I haven’t come across before, and Danielle Hawkins is my recent happy find - she’s a New Zealander  which makes her close to my heart,  and writes really good books, so definitely a ”win win”.  The only negative I can think of,  is that she’s only written two books as yet!  Danielle –  I want more!!  :-)  

        chocolate cake

        The first is Chocolate cake for breakfast and is the story of Helen McNeil – a vet in the small rural town of Broadview.  While using evasive tactics to escape from conversation with a boring girl at a party one Saturday night, she falls over (physically!)- and fails to recognise – one of New Zealand’s rugby sporting legends - Mark Tipene.   As often happens, Mark is quite impressed by the fact that she doesn’t know who he is, and the following day, he fronts at the vet clinic reception to ask her out.  Cue a series of very funny ‘dates’ and a whirwind romance is underway … until there’s a small hiccup!  A lovely, funny story of the pros and cons of dating a man whose bare chested image is posted on the walls of bedrooms and lunchrooms around the country. 

        dinner at rosies

        Danielle’s second book – Dinner at Rosie’s - is equally delightful.  Jo Donnelly (physiotherapist) has returned to her small rural home town from London after walking in on her boyfriend and best friend during a ‘romantic’ tryst.  The very funny cast includes her horrible new flatmate who hogs the TV and has made it her life task to prevent excessive electricity consumption;  the physio clinics’ inept receptionist who spends her work hours painting her fingernails and surfing the internet;   and her childhood best friend (and one-night-only lover) Matthew.  Life would be rather glum if it weren’t for Jo’s fabulous Aunty Rose who lives on her farm 20 minutes away with her four dogs, two sheep and a pet piglet.    When Aunty Rose gets ill, Jo moves in to assist and ends up seeing a lot more of the tempting Matt who regularly comes to to her aid to help out with farming dramas.  Then cupid decides to stick his arrow in and …


        Continuing along the ‘light hearted’ road – always on the top of my must read list are the very funny Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovic and book number 21  was just released - Top Secret 21.  Like Stephanie I find it difficult to choose between delicious cop Joe Morelli, and seriously sexy but dangerous Ranger (ok – I lie - I’d go with Ranger!).   Stephanie gets into a bit more trouble that I do – working for Cousin Vinne’s bail bond office will do that – add in a few death threats, an old (odd) pseudo-friend, the sassy Lula,  Rex the hamster, hilarious Grandma Mazur and the rest of Stephanie’s family, and you  have another laugh-out-loud book.

        Enjoy!  And remember, it’s illegal to dog-ear pages  ;-)   And if you’re a book lender, then you may be interested in Note Couture’s book labels – the best way to ensure your books return to your bookshelf.



        Book Labels 1 Book Labels 2


          Long time no speak …

          July 2nd, 2014

          First up, an apology – it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here.  Life has been a bit stressful lately, which for me means that inspiration hasn’t been landing in my lap!

          However … a few weeks ago there was a fantastic article in the Melbourne Age.  I don’t usually get the daily papers, but my neighbour was away and had ‘bequeathed’ me her newspapers rather than cancel, so I got into the habit for a week or two of reading the Age each morning.   The article which caught my eye was about Alice Morrel who is the founder of ‘The Mother Movement’  – a fantastic organisation whose goal is to empower mothers – many unsupported – at home and in the community. 

          Alice Morell, founder of the Mother Movement.

          Alice Morell – founder of The Mother Movement

          I look at how many of my girlfriends stuggled – without family backup – when they had their children and left the workforce.  Quite a few have had their children later in life and were living in different states or countries from their family and long-term friends, and would tell me they felt very isolated once at home with a new bub.  Add a few ‘baby-blues’ issues into the mix, a million new tasks related to being a mother, no one well known and reliable enough to babysit for an hour or two, and it all got very difficult.

          I won’t cover all of the great ideas that Alice Morell has instigated via The Mother Movement, only the one that really struck a chord with me – it’s called “Street Gangs” and is based on the concept that “it takes a village to raise a child”.    Street Gangs are neighbourhood networks of mothers who give each other practical support.  They pool their skills and support - a little bit like a barter system – one mother provides a business plan and the recipient cooks a family meal in return.  People look after each others children.   To quote the article:  “My friend lives in a street wherer the Street Gang splits the nights of the week between them and one mother cooks for everyone else one night a week.  So each mother only cooks one night a week – you go around and get your food from the neighbour and take it back to your home all the other nights”.

          This really resonated with me in the way I was bought up in Christchurch NZ – we knew all the neighbours by name, knew who we could trust, who would lend a hand; and they all kept an eye on us when we were out playing in the street.  Yes, I am talking of 35 years ago, but it surprises me that today some people don’t take the time to introduce themselves to their neighbours when they move into a new home.

          So to summarise, Street Gang mothers not only provides support and assistance to each other, but the situation is also beneficial to their children who develop a sense of community – they know and speak with the adults who live in their street, they play with the local children.    It’s easy to set up – you can use facebook, but Morell says the most effective way is a letterbox drop – and you can go to The Mother Movement website and download and print out a flyer. 

          The tenet of The Mother Movement is not judgemental, nor is it about parenting advice.  It is purely about action and change.  .

          Here’s a link to the aticle:   It’s definitely worth a read.   I would love to hear what you think of the interview and her programs and if you can build them into your life?




            Statement Cards – new to Note Couture

            June 4th, 2014

            Over the past two m onths, even while I was unsure whether Note Couture would continue after June 30th, I couldn’t stop thinking of new designs and coming up with fresh ideas.  Well as you may have seen in my post of a few days ago, Note Couture has been sold, and yes the business will continue with new owners at the helm.

            But what I want to tell you about are these gorgeous new Statement Cards. 

            "I love you" Statement card and envelope

            “I love you” Statement card and envelope

            These are generic cards which are great to have on hand to cover all occasions – simple statements such as happy birthday, I love you, happy anniversary, thank you, thinking of you, with love and best wishes, get well soon, and with deepest sympathy


            Statement Card/envelope – “Get well soon xx”

            Correspondence card style (ie:  postcard style flat cards, not folded birthday/christmas style cards) they use the elegant Cantoni typeface, with additional swirls and curls added in, plus a gorgeous red heart on quite a few. 


            They are printed on  a really lovely 230gsm off white textured card  which is similar to my standard correspondence and notecards, but slightly heavier and slightly more textured.  The difference is that they are teamed with gorgeous manilla speckletone envelopes – tres chic! 


            Statement card/envelope – “Thank you”


            They can be purchased singularly ($3.50 – packed in a cello bag), in a set of 10 same design cards/env ($30 – packed in a cello bag) or in a box of 20 cards/envelopes for $55.  You can find these cards via the Collections page – scroll through the list of Collections and you will see ‘Statement Cards’ – in alphabetical order – near the base of the list.  (Or click here to be taken magically to the Collection)

            And if you would like to purchase some, but are desperate to have them personalised with your name – then I can certainly help out!  Just get in touch with me via email and we can play around with placement of the additional words –



              Hip Hip Hooray – Fabulous News …

              June 3rd, 2014

              I’m absolutely rapt to tell you that Note Couture has been sold.  When I say rapt, what I mean is that it’s a much better alternative than closing  it down.  When I advised all my customers earlier this year, that due to my current commitments,  Note Couture would be closing June 30 (unless someone was interested in buying the business)  there was an overwhelming quantity of people who got in touch with me wanting to do just that!

              And after many weeks of discussions –  with a considerable number of people –  it was confirmed late last week that the business is sold.  All the documentation is currently being organised, and I will give you more information about the new owners – Amy and Kim - once everything is finalised in the next week.   There’s a heck of a lot of learning that will need to take place before the business can be physically handed over, so I will remain running Note Couture until – my current guesstimate – September 1st, 2014.


              While I am obviously sad to be leaving “my baby”. I am exceptionally happy that Note Couture will continue into the future in the capable hands of these two wonderful and like-minded women.  And all of you stationery-addicts out there can continue to get your Note Couture ‘fix’.

              Hmmm – definitely time for a glass of bubbles – it’s got to be 6pm somewhere in the world!  Cheers!  :-)


                It’s amazing what a simple brief and a bit of creativity will come up with!

                May 9th, 2014

                For the past four to five years I have been supplying stationery for my gorgeous customer Leonie who is a funeral celebrant.  In dealing with her via emails and over the phone, she always comes across as a lovely, genuine, caring person, and as anyone who has been involved in organising or attending the funeral of someone you love will know, the celebrant makes a huge difference as to how the day unfolds, and very often, they are the person who makes an extremely difficult day that little bit easier by their caring and assistance.

                Well I was excited to receive an email from Leonie a couple of weeks ago, advising that she was taking on an additional role as a wedding celebrant and would like a new business card.  The brief was pretty simple – “a rose or roses, in pink or red, use a couple of typefaces, maybe a bit of colour”.  So off I went … looking for the perfect rose.

                 l. adams CC

                I chose 12 images to send to Leonie to view, but one stood out.   I made the suggestion that we make her calling card a non- typical shape – a good way for it stand out amongst the crowd, and the rose arbour image worked perfectly for a square card.  So we played around with typefaces and colour of typefaces, and this is what we ended up with.  I should probably have photographed the calling cards before I put them in the cello bag, as it’s caused a little colour flare, but you can see the end result.  Customer happy – tick. 

                So if you’re based in Melbourne and looking for a funeral celebrant, or a wedding celebrant – Leonie Adams comes highly recommended.  :-)

                (BTW – if you’re after this type of personalised design work get in touch with me, as it can’t be organised via the website – a brief needs to be provided and pricing discussed.)

                  What sort of Mum is yours?

                  April 30th, 2014

                  If you’re lucky enough to still have your Mum around, then I’m sure that May 11 – Mother’s Day – will be highlighted on your calendar.

                  I regularly ‘have a bit of a rant’ about the over-commercialisation of Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day) – and am genuinely shocked by ads telling us to “buy Mum an ipad for Mothers Day – just $899″  or something equally as expensive.  $899 – seriously!

                  Having said that,  it does makes me feel a bit of a hypocrite to then spruke “Buy Note Couture for Mother’s Day”, but there’s lots of nice reasons to give some stationery to Mum,  (a) it’s personalised – which makes it super “Mum-special”;  (b) it’s helpful – Mums lead pretty busy lives, so anything that helps with organisation is heaven-sent;  (c) it lasts a while – 50 pages for a To Do List, 55 pages for Menu Planner, 20 Correspondence Cards and Envelopes – she’ll be using her stationery for a few months – and will think of you every time she does so; and (d) it’s not expensive.   :-)

                  World's Best Footy Mum - To Do List $18.50

                  World’s Best Footy Mum – To Do List $18.50

                  There’s an amazing range of illustrations and designs to suit every Mum - fashionistas to foodies, shoe addicts to chocolate lovers, cat strokers to dog patters, coffee drinkers to wine o’clock ladies, horoscope followers to elegant name-and-address-only stylish Mums, even Mums who spend half their life taxiing their kids from one sports field to another (which is pretty much every Mum with kids under 18!) - it’s all covered. 


                  "Characters" correspondence card.

                  “Characters” correspondence card.


                  “Elegant Name & Address – Bombshell” Correspondence Card

                  "Little Black Dress" Correspondence Card

                  So if you’d like to organise some Note Couture stationery for your Mum – or Mum-in-law, or Gran - or want to leave your partner a subtle note about how to find Note Couture online - you’ll need to make a diary note to place your order before Saturday 3 May so that I can make it for you and have it ready to be despatched Tuesday 6 May.  As always, I send via Aust Post Express, so you’ll receive within 1-2 days depending on where you live in Australia (or maybe a little longer if you’re out the “back of beyond’ .

                  "Multi tasking Mum' notepad $17,50

                  “Multi tasking Mum’ notepad $17,50

                  "Dictionary" - capture all of Mum's best traits on this Note Sheet $22 for a box of 100, or $28 for a box of 150.

                   And don’t forget about Grandma!


                  "Grandchildren" notecard $3.50 (or $37 for 12, $60 for 25)

                  “Grandchildren” notecard $3.50 (or $37 for 12, $60 for 25)